Friday, September 3, 2010

A small start

Well, here we go I have finally put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and started a blog. I hope that this will not be my only blog. This blog will be concerned with seeking to make God's love for the poor better known and to inspire, encourage, challenge and otherwise help people to themselves in some way to become "Missionary Servants of God's Love For the Poor". I hope to write on this blog frequently, but I don't promise to do so - in fact I suspect that I will have rather a slow and infrequent start. Time will tell. I also hope, at some stage, to start at least one more blog - a more personal one. However, time will also tell about that. 

Anyway let me finish my first ever blog entry in my first ever blog with a short prayer: 

"Lord Jesus touch our hearts, minds and wills so that we, like you, may be missionary servants of God's love for the poor. Amen"


  1. congratulations fr. paul! and may God continue to bless your work with the poor!:-)

  2. "a march of a thousand miles begins with the step".... perhaps, better stated as "this is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." whether chairman mao or astronaut neil armstrong, both recognized that the inspiration and motivation behind new challenges, struggles and missions begin with small changes and small "leaps of faith." Congratulations on taking your leap of FAITH into the new age of social media. Spreading the WORD via your blog, motivated by a leap of FAITH in new realms of communication/technology and social networking seems profoundly as the types of acts I respect from a motivated and committed priest such as yourself.